Social Media

What is Social Media


  • Social media is integrated technology that allows users to comment and share their   own content through various connections.  Social media is commonly associated with Web 2.0, technology that focuses on integration, collaboration, and interaction. There are numerous social media tools available, with different characteristics, user demographics, and functionalities.
  • Organizations of all shapes and sizes are using these tools and by doing so they are reaching out to customers and community members in new ways.


Whether your organization has just decided to start using social media, or already have a social media presence and is looking to improve or enhance it, we have a solution for you


Our Core Focus in implementing the perfect Social Media platform for your Organisation


  • Research : This my include what type of platforms your clientele uses and what do they say about your organisation and which platforms will be the best to reach your new clientele


  • Management : This includes any feedback related to the organisation / product , Who will be the go to guy



  • Goals: It is of High importance to set goals on every new initiative. By not setting up any goals it is impossible to measure success in the future. Some goals may be difficult to measure but we do identify them anyway


  • Audience: We help you identify your current audience as well as new and potential audience



  • Content : The content that we use maybe news, information or even related to a new or upcoming product, Although Social Media doesn’t limit us on any text we also use alternative types of content such as video’ and pictures


  • Integration: Social media is just one tool that will help to enhance your communication and outreach initiatives. Social media can work within your current framework and is not meant as a substitute for other tools and methods